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Betable Casinos – The History and Development

Betable is an innovative gaming platform development company, with big plans for expansion in the UK gaming market. It is headquartered in the Canadian city of Edmonton, with satellite offices in London and Manchester.

Betable Casinos: Selected Sites February 2024

The History of Betable Casino Sites

The company was founded in 2008 by current CEO Chris Griffin. He continues to provide the strategic leadership for the company, assisted by Ryan Linton, who has responsibility for finance and risk control. This leadership duo is supported by a tight knit team of around a dozen further head office employees, plus further development staff employed in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Betable is a privately funded company, with financial support provided by a variety of venture capitalist organisations and other partners. There are around a couple of dozen named organisations and individuals listed as investors in total, and these have provided funds at various times over the past decade or so to enable the company to develop the Betable casino games platform. The most significant injection of capital came in 2013, when over $18 million was raised as part of an investment led by venture capital firm Venture51. The most recent investment of capital was in 2016. Being a privately held and financed company, financial results are not publicly published.

The company is licenced for United Kingdom based players via the Channel Island of Alderney’s Gambling Control Commission. It is also therefore licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

What do Betable Casinos Have to Offer?

Betable is a casino platform design company. This provides the software framework which enables Betable casino sites or other gaming site to operate smoothly online. Like any platform, the company provides a suite of services to site operators. These include providing games to operators via its own licencing arrangements; setting up payment services; providing statistical information which enables operators to market their sites to both existing and new players; and providing security services which protect the operator from fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities. The company also provides round the clock customer support services for players experiencing difficulties with the site, such as payment issues or software problems.

The company provides a service which certainly compares well with any of its competitors’ platforms. Both operators and their customers will find the company’s smooth running software should suit their needs. Players on sites using a Betable casino can expect to find a very wide range of games to play, including a selection of traditional table and card games in both video and live dealer formats. The slots selection is also well up to standard. The company has signed licencing agreements with many of the very best casino software providers in the industry today. These include top names like NetEnt, PlayNGo and Pragmatic Play.

But Betable sees itself as an innovator within the gaming industry and, from the operators’ point of view, its platform has one key feature which can enable it to differentiate itself from its main competitors… With competitor platforms, site operators must obtain their own gaming licences from a licencing authority approved by the UK Gambling Commission. This process can be bureaucratic, time consuming and expensive, even if you are an upstanding, fit and proper operator in the eyes of the financial regulators.